Daimler to add QR codes to save car crash victims

Daimler is to place Quick Response (QR) code stickers on to its Mercedes-Benz cars. The black-and-white square barcodes are designed to help emergency services obtain critical information to save car accident victims.

The QR codes direct smartphones to a webpage showing how to cut into each type of vehicle to free its passengers.

Daimler also announced that it wouldn’t be patenting the technology so that other manufacturers cold adopt it free of charge.

Until now if a vehicle was damaged beyond recognition, emergency workers might have to call in its registration plate to obtain the necessary details.

The code provides information about where the airbags are, the location of the battery, the tanks, electric cables, high-pressure cylinders and other components too. As every second counts in an emergency, this technology could really save lives.

Mercedes will place 2 QR codes in the vehicles – one onto the inside surface of each vehicle’s petrol tank flap and another on to the pillar built between the two doors on the car’s other side, since it is rare that both areas are badly damaged in an accident.

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