Delivery Driver awarded £22,000 in compensation after breaking his wrist

A man who was injured in a workplace accident, leaving him struggling to look after his disabled wife has been awarded £22,000 in compensation.

The victim badly injured his shoulder and when he fell over a pallet left in the middle of a path while making a delivery. When he fell to the floor, the boxes he was carrying fell onto his hand, leaving him in severe pain. He was taken to A&E where scans confirmed a broken his wrist and damaged shoulder.

He subsequently underwent two operations and physiotherapy to relieve the shoulder injury. While he has since regained some movement in his wrist, the man still suffers constant pain and discomfort.

The damage to his wrist is permanent meaning even after he returned to work he was placed on light duties.

The victim, who has four grandchildren and three grown-up children said the fall has had a massive impact on his life.

He has had to rely on his wife and daughter to help with everyday tasks such as housework and cooking and has been unable to enjoy his leisure interests.

He said: “The fall was really quite frightening and has had a massive impact on my life and what I could do to help my disabled wife.

“I landed so heavily on my wrist that my hand seemed to be hanging from my wrist, it was excruciating.

“The surgery to put a metal plate into my wrist was really painful and I still suffer a clicking sensation and discomfort even now.

 “I’m relieved the settlement has finally been agreed so we can start to move on with our lives.”

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