Dental patient wins compensation after dental negligence

A 22 year old man has received a £13k payout after he experienced painful dental condition which resulted in him having a tooth extracted and left him with permanent scarring. He claimed that his dentist mis-diagnosed a discharging lesion.

The incident began with the patient visiting his dentist at 14 years old after complaining about tooth ache in his lower left tooth. The dentist performed a procedure giving him a large filling and provided anti-biotics. He then returned a year later and was offered to remove the tooth and provided with more anti-biotics.

The victim alleges that the dentist did not advise him of the necessary further treatment required, such as root canal or extraction, to stop the infection getting worse.

He visited a GP a year later with pain in his jaw and was diagnosed with a facial lesion. An X-ray showed that the root of the tooth was severely decayed and was weeping with discharge and pus resulting in a visible swollen lump on the side of his jaw.

He then visited a facial clinic to help reduce the swelling and scarring but was advised to go back to the dentist to deal with the severe dental infection first and had his tooth extracted.

He said: “I was in agony, I had so much pain, and my face was swelling up as well.

“I was a teenager and I was at a very sensitive age, I really felt like everyone was looking at me and this hideous lump on my face.

“I didn’t want to go out or attend school or anything and I had no confidence in myself.

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