Disappointment as government fails to curb the cosmetic surgery industry.

An NHS review led by Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh has recommended a number of measures to help protect patient care and reduce the number of so called ‘Cosmetic cowboys’ practicing in the UK.

The recommendations include:

  • All anti ageing injections, such as dermal fillers, to only being available on prescription and administered by a trained professional.   
  • All surgeons must carry out detailed consultations before any procedure and have patient consent for the surgeon doing the surgery so that there is a continuity of care for the patient and not just generic consent.
  • Having a central register for all practitioners.
  • Tighter controls on socially irresponsible advertising such as 2 for 1 deal, mother and daughter deals and time limited special offers or even offering surgery as competition prizes!

The review was commissioned as a result of the PIP breast implant scandal whereby thousands of women in the UK were given industrial grade silicone implants which were faulty and endangered their health. This ordeal highlighted just how unregulated the industry had become.  Ministers announced last week that there would be changes to the cosmetic industry’s regulations but it has been attacked for not going far enough.

The Government has announced that products such as dermal fillers are still available without prescription but must be administered by a trained professional – no details of the amount of training have been agreed.  Ministers have said their hands are tied by EU regulations but industry leaders believe this is an opportunity missed.

With regards to patient consent prior to surgery, the Government has stated that consent could be obtained by any surgeon, this goes against the Reviews recommendations and still does not guarantee patient’s continuity of care.

A central register of surgical and non-surgical practitioners has not been approved which would have eliminated a number of illegitimate practitioners as it would have been compulsory and a good place for patients to research and check their chosen surgery.   

The Government did, however, agree on recommending a code of practice to reduce irresponsible advertising, “advertising and marketing practices should not trivialise the seriousness of cosmetic procedures”  but yet again critics said it did not go far enough in banning special deals.

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