Dissatisfied cosmetic surgery patients claim £7 million in ten years

In the last ten years, patients have claimed over £7 million pounds in compensation for what they perceive to be ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery. According to the Medical Defence Union (MDU), the main reasons for compensation claims are for breast implant operations, nose jobs and face-lifts procedures.

The MDU report is the first of its kind to analyse private claims arising from cosmetic surgery which includes plastic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is big business in Britain with £250 million spent last year by people choosing to improve their appearance

Some interesting findings include:

• 3/4 of the claims (over the past 13 years) related to breast or facial surgery.

• Only three breast implant compensation cases were non cosmetic ie related to cancer survivors who had undergone mastectomies.

• 90% of patients are women (although surgery for men is increasing considerably)

• 40 per cent of compensation claims involved facial surgery such as nose re-shapes and face-lifts.

• Large payouts have included £258,000 for a woman who suffered a ‘poor’ result after liposuction on her face, £222,000 for a tummy tuck which became infected and disfigured (she was not warned of the risk of recurrent infection, which killed off healthy skin and tissue). £197,000 for a woman who had to have a temporary colostomy after sustaining bowel damage after abdominal liposuction.

• Compensation payments were higher for people who suffered complications rather than those who were not happy with the results. Patients who suffered permanent nerve damage or infections leading to permanent scarring and who suffered a loss of earnings, as a result, received higher payouts than those who felt their results were lopsided or the scars were too obvious.

The report also revealed concerns about the poor industry regulation which currently exists allowing any surgeon to set up a business and start operating as a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic procedures can have potentially life threatening consequences if not carried out by an experienced professional.

To help you understand if you have a valid cosmetic surgery claim, here are a few examples that have resulted in a successful compensation claims:

  • Scarring that results directly from cosmetic surgery and is more than could be reasonably expected following an operation
  • Uneven or badly scarred breasts as a result of breast augmentation/breast reduction
  • Nerve damage that has resulted from a facelift procedure
  • A perforated bowel that occurred during a ‘tummy tuck’ operation.

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