Dream holiday turns into sceptic nightmare

A couple are seeking compensation from their travel company after their dream trip to Mexico results in a man lying in intensive care in hospital with Sepsis, seriously ill.

The holiday was supposed to be a treat for the woman’s 60th birthday and they had booked a luxury hotel to celebrate in. The resort itself is also of a very high standard so they were shocked and surprised when on their return to then UK the man, 62, suddenly developed severe stomach cramps.

On the first day back from the holiday, the man was in so much abdominal pain and suffering from gastric symptoms, including diarrhoea and vomiting that he went to his GP who then advised a trip to hospital where he was diagnosed with Sepsis and Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), which is a severe complication of an E. coli infection and placed in intensive care.

The couple believe he contracted the gastric infection from the resort as they had complained about the hygiene at the resort at the time which they felt was poor and not to be expected from a luxury resort. They have instructed a solicitor to investigate the resort to ascertain if the hotel is at fault and whether the tour operator was aware of any problems.

Since the illness the man has been forced to leave his scaffolder job due to ill health and is seeking compensation for loss of earnings.

He said: ‘This was supposed to be an enjoyable holiday to celebrate ……….. 60th birthday in style.

‘The hotel really wasn’t up to the standards we had expected and we were left disappointed.

‘To fall seriously ill immediately after coming back to the UK and end up spending three weeks in hospital has meant the memories of …………. 60th birthday have been ruined forever.

‘We want to know what caused me to fall so ill and that the hygiene concerns will be looked into, so that other people will not go through the ordeal we have endured.’

We spend a lot of money on our annual holidays and tour operators have a duty of care to their customers that they don’t get sick or injured from any of the resorts that they operate from. It is their responsibility to comprehensively vet their hotels kitchens and sanitary facilities and ensure their customers are safe and well. Food poisoning can be fatal for vulnerable people who have health conditions or woman who are pregnant, so it should not be ignored.

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