Drivers in Dorset are seeing red!

Recent figures reveal that police have been called to deal with over 119 criminal incidents caused by road rage in the last three years. Insurance comparison website,, conducted a national survey into road rage with some revealing findings. The figures show that a fifth of those involved in a road rage incident said it progressed into a physical assault.40 per cent of motorists in the South West have experienced an incident they would class as road rage such as driving unnecessarily close to them, getting ‘cut up’, being tailgated by another driver and when drivers turn without indicating.

There were 29 assault and injury cases in Dorset alone and 39 incidents of common assault,37 incidents of criminal damage to vehicles and 11 cases of causing public fear, alarm or distress.

A Dorset Police spokesperson says that the figures are generated from incident reports where an officer has used the words ‘road rage’ within the summary.  A Police Sergeant from the traffic unit said:

“Road rage is not an offence in its own right, but may be used to describe various motor incidents.

“We appreciate minor mistakes from other road users can be frustrating, but retaliating could make matters worse, so we would strongly encourage reporting motor incidents to the police.”

“Our traffic officers and ‘No Excuse’ team use a combination of enforcement and education to tackle poor driving and reduce the number of casualties on Dorset’s roads.

“Officers target in particular the ‘fatal five’: drink and drug driving, excessive and inappropriate speed, not wearing a seatbelt, driver distractions such as using a hand-held mobile phone and careless driving.

“The team operates 24-hours a day seven days a week – we could be anywhere at any time.”
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