Drunk driver who crashed car gives warning message to fellow road users

A man who narrowly escaped death after he was involved in a car accident with a lorry has warned other motorists to drive safely and stay alive over the festive period. 

The accident victim was almost three times over the legal limit when he crashed his car in 2007 and has now produced a video to try and demonstrate the dangers to other road users. 

It took emergency services a total of 45mins to cut the man free from his crumpled car. He was then confined to a hospital bed for three weeks while he recovered from  serious injuries he sustained on the top half of his body. 

The driver has no recollection of the accident that night but has now warned motorists about the risks of putting yourself in a serious road accident. 

“At that point I had two businesses that I owned, I still had them after that period of time for about 12 months and then I put them into liquidation because I had lost so much money,” he said.

“So everything I was working up to for 11 years before that I lost.”

“My life is not the same… It has taken me five years now to financially recover.”

A local Policewoman said that drink driving is still one of the biggest contributing facts to road fatalities in their area. 

“The big message is to take that personal message of Shaun’s and make it meaningful to the community because it should resonate with the people,” she said.

“We have a very strong enforcement campaign over the festive season… we will have a very strong presence out there in terms of detections.

“Sometimes you’ll see us, sometimes you won’t but we will be there… If you’re going to chance it, chances are you’ll get caught.”

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