Elderly woman falls after tripping on pavement slab

A local council has been criticised  by two brothers after “shoddy” pavements in a city centre caused an elderly woman, in her 80’s, to trip and fall.

The accident happened just outside a Tesco when the brothers witnessed the woman fall and luckily, they  worked at a local hospital and knew exactly what to do.

They rushed to help her, kept her warm and stayed with her until an ambulance arrived.

The good samaritan said: “We helped her on to a bench but she had a burst lip, a very deep cut under her chin and I think she bit her tongue too.

“She may have suffered more but I left her once the ambulance service arrived to look after her.

“I think it’s outrageous that the councils have done such a shoddy job on these slabs. When I stepped on the slab myself it doesn’t go flat at all.

“It should all be smooth tarmac to avoid instances like this.  The lady was alone, having travelled to do some shopping on a bus.

“It was a good job myself, my brother and other town residents were there to help her out.”
Ambulances are regularly called to the town centre to help elderly residents who have tripped up on slabs.

Two ambulances attended the scene to help the elderly lady.

A spokesman for the ambulance service said: “We received a report on Friday at 11.26am of a woman, in her 80’s, who had fallen. We sent two ambulance crews to the scene and she was taken to Hospital for further treatment.”

According to a highways spokesman, the area had recently been assessed and was given the ok and claimed the offending slab must have come loose recently.

“We are sorry to hear about the injuries sustained by this lady and wish her a full recovery. The defect has been reported and will be inspected quickly and then logged for repair.”

Slip, trip or fall accidents can seem like relatively minor accident types but they can be a lot more serious than you think, particularly with the elderly or people with mobility problems.  A nasty fall on a pavement, road or in shop or restaurant can put you in hospital for quite some time and effect your general health, your job, your family and your confidence and it is important that you are compensated for your pain and distress.

Broken pavements, potholes or wet surfaces are just a few examples of slip and trip accidents that can lead to successful compensation claims.

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