Elderly woman received compensation pay-out after fall at well-known food retailer

A 79 year old woman, who fell on matting in a supermarket store, has received a five-figure payout. The woman suffered four nasty fractures to her arm after tripping on the matting and also sustained facial injuries including a cut lip and bruises to her eye and chin.

To make matters worse, the fractures have resulted in permanent nerve damage which limits her ability to grip with her right hand. This has made life particularly difficult as she is the main carer for her 89 year old husband who has dementia.

She said: “I don’t want to have surgery as my husband has dementia and it would mean putting him in a home if I went to hospital.

“I can’t co-ordinate well, and that may never come back. Carrying shopping, ironing, and opening cans and bottles are all difficult tasks.

“I have to do everything left-handed, so the fall has had a big impact on my life.”

The supermarket settled her claim and the woman will receive a five-figure settlement to compensate for her pain and suffering.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Mrs Annis is a valued customer, and we’re pleased that her claim has been settled.”

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