Failing lights cause chaos in Bradford

Police were called to an incident where two cars collided following traffic light failure. The accident happened on the busy Manchester road in Bradford between a black Mercedes taxi and a red Ford Focus. There were reports of traffic lights not working as early as 8.20am on a different junction and police had received calls of “near misses” where drivers were using their judgement and on occasion two cars would go at the same time.

At approx 10.30 am the accident occurred on the busy junction and emergency services were called immediately. The road was closed to secure the scene and treat the injured but also to remove excessive debris from the road surface.

The Manager of the Taxi company said “These things shouldn’t really happen and it’s not the first time it’s happened here….In my memory, since they have done up Manchester Road, they’ve gone out ten or 11 times.”

The Taxi driver was unharmed and the other driver’s injuries are unknown.

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