Family crippled with food poisoning on holiday of a life time

A family who had scrimped and saved for five years for their dream holiday have returned ill and bitterly disappointed. The family of four had booked a £3,000, all inclusive holiday to a four star hotel in Lanzarote with hopes of a fantastic experience in the sun but on arrival there were already warning signs that there could be problems.
The family took pictures of areas of concern such as cockroaches, dirty toilets with faeces on the walls, uncooked chicken, raw fish being served at the restaurant and general poor hygiene in the resort.

According to the family, there were nearly 80 families at the resort affected with stomach cramps and diarrhoea and the hotel had advised people to stay out of the swimming pool.

The mum ended up in hospital on a drip with suspected e-coli poisoning, whilst the dad and their two children also fell ill after three days at the resort with e-coli poisoning.

The mum told the Sun newspaper: “I was in so much pain it felt like I was dying. Up to 80 British families were running around the hotel with severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

“It was like something out of The Exorcist. At one point I felt so horrendous I begged the hotel reception to phone me an ambulance but they said it was not an emergency and easier to get a taxi to hospital.

“As soon as I got there I collapsed and woke up five hours later.

“It was supposed to our dream holiday, it’s the first time we’ve all been abroad together.

“But to say it was a nightmare would be kind. It was hell from start to finish.”

The family are seeking compensation from the travel company who was responsible for ensuring the hotel was up to standard and was safe and hygienic.

The family spent £250 for an emergency doctor to visit the family at the hotel and the mum was then hospitalised as a result of her condition. They are seeking a refund for their disastrous holiday and compensation for the pain and distress they were caused plus expenses incurred whilst ill abroad.

We spend a lot of money on our annual holidays and tour operators have a duty of care to their customers that they don’t get sick or injured from any of the resorts that they operate from. It is their responsibility to comprehensively vet their hotels kitchens and sanitary facilities and ensure their customers are safe and well. Food poisoning can be fatal for vulnerable people who have health conditions or woman who are pregnant, so it should not be ignored.

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