Farmer Dies in Fatal Slurry Accident

A Norther Irish farmer has died in an accident involving a slurry tank.

The 43-year-old is believed to have been moving an extraction pipe when he slipped and fell.

He is the fourth person in Northern Ireland to die in a farming accident this year.

The farmer’s son, who was working on the farm at the time, had frantically searched for his farther when he returned from spreading slurry on a field nearby.

“When he returned to the yard, he couldn’t find him anywhere and he searched for some time before he realised what had happened,” a family member told local press.

“He rang his father’s phone but the mobile was dead.

“Unfortunately, in farming, life has to go on, animals still need to be looked after, but this will be very hard for us all to get over,” he added.

The family said that the local farming network has been very supportive since the fatal accident but explained that they are still in a state of shock.

The Health and Safety Executive have confirmed that they will investigate the accident to see if they can confirm a cause.

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