Farmer loses hand in farm accident

A farmer from Cumbria has lost a hand in freak accident when his hand got caught in a forage harvester. The young man, who is only 24, was airlifted to hospital for emergency treatment where specialist surgeons tried to save his hand. Unfortunately despite their best efforts the right hand was too damaged and surgeons had to amputate up to the wrist.Due to the life changing injury received , the HSE, Health and Safety executive are carrying out an investigation into the incident to ensure the correct safety measures were taken and if not then to recommend action to prevent this horrific accident happening again.

Farming remains one of the UK’s most dangerous vocations and warnings have been reissued to the farming communities with regards to the dangers of working with dangerous machinery in isolated areas.

The group secretary of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), said: “Every farm accident results in a person suffering, and the family and friends who also operate the farm then have to try to deal with the consequences in order to keep the business functioning.”

If you have recently been involved in a farm accident and don’t feel that it was your fault, did you know that you could be entitled to compensation?

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