Farmers warned to take extra care during this year’s harvest

UK Farmers are being advised to make safety their top priority this harvesting season after record levels of rain fall.

The Nation Farmers Union (NFU) have stated that farmers need to take extreme care of themselves and their workers as they tackle what could be the most difficult harvest in recent years.

The statement came after farming was once again rated as the nation’s most dangerous profession by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

“Following the UK’s wettest June on record and with more rain forecast, this year’s harvest is shaping up to be a real challenge,” said a spokesperson from the NFU.

“NFU Mutual’s experience built up insuring farms over 100 years indicates that the pressures of a wet harvest add to the strains on staff and machines. When people are tired there’s a greater risk of a farm accident, and sometimes temptation to keep going when conditions are unsafe.”

Farmers have been advised to clean out dust and chaff from hot spots and resist the urge to keep working when temperature gauges are in the red, or when waring devices are lit.

It has also been advised that children are kept away from working areas, and that farmers do what they can to alert the public of any potential dangers created by their activity.

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