Female passenger injured by object dropped from bridge.

A horrific accident occurred when a passenger in a car suffered serious injury after a small object hit the windscreen of the car she was travelling in.

The incident happened at around 10.30 am, when the driver made a frantic call to emergency services. It is not known if it was accident or intentional at this stage but the accident happened on a motorway as a car passed under a bridge and an object fell smashing into the windscreen and into the face of the unsuspecting passengers face.

The emergency services responded quickly to the call and a full response team including the Air Ambulance and rapid response car, attended the scene.

Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Crews attended to what appears to be as freak incident in which a small metal object weighting about two pound and the size of an ice hockey puck smashed through the car windscreen seriously injuring a woman passenger.

“Crews were quickly on scene to treat a front seat passenger in her fifties for ‘significant life changing’ facial injuries.
“The patient was given immediate medical treatment for her injuries. Pain relief was administered and her condition stabilised before her journey to hospital.

“The male driver of the car was uninjured.”

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