Fruit Farmer receives compensation after explosion

A fruit farm worker from Somerset has received compensation after an explosion near Taunton farm nearly cost him his life.

The 31-year-old was one of five workers that was carrying out maintenance on a tank of compressed air and hot water when it exploded.

One of the workers was killed and four others were injured by the blast.

The worker suffered head injuries, first degree burns and required extensive skin grafts.

Speaking about the accident the worker said, “I am just so pleased to still be here.

“The accident was awful and I want to put it all behind me now.”

The man still lives and works on the farm where he has been for four years and told local press that he has had a good relationship with it.

A spokesperson for the farm said, “We are very pleased that [name] made such a good recovery and has returned to work.”

The farm workers solicitor also commented on the result: “I am delighted that the case came to an acceptable and speedy result, with Arek receiving appropriate recompense for the serious injuries he sustained.”

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