Grieving man assaults delivery driver

A man accused of assaulting a pizza delivery driver has been fined more than £1,000 for assault by beating and will incur further court costs for damages which could be close to £5,000.

  The incident happened in October last year when the defendant had been drinking due to it being the anniversary of his mothers death.  The court heard that the pizza delivery driver approached the defendant who was standing in the road at the time.  The defendant felt that the victim was driving at an excessive speed and angry words were exchanged.  It is then unclear whether the driver got out of the car or was pulled out by the defendant, as their statements are conflicting at this point, but it is clear the delivery driver was then assaulted repeatedly at this point and received cuts and bruises to the upper torso including his face.

 Damages were caused not only to the driver physically but also to his vehicle’s roof at a costs of £1,045.76 and the magistrates’ court in Bedlington has also ordered costs be awarded for loss of earnings worth £200.  

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