Holiday hell after contracting salmonella

It’s every person’s worst holiday nightmare- saving for months, years to take your family away for a week or two, only to contract a nasty stomach bug which means you can’t leave your hotel room and in some extreme cases puts you or a love one in hospital.

It can affect any hotel whether it’s a 1 star or 5 stars if the staff doesn’t follow strict health and safety guidelines with regards to food preparation and storage and also keeping the communal areas such as toilets and pools clean and sanitary.

Recent spates in Turkey have highlighted this issue after families have had their holidays ruined by severe vomiting and diarrhoea.

A family of 5, with 3 young children under the aged of 10, were diagnosed with salmonella poisoning following their stay at a Turkish hotel. They suspect the source was from incidents of diarrhoea in a pool they all swam in.  All the children were extremely ill which was very stressful as the parents were also too sick themselves to care for them properly.

Another couple who had their romantic holiday ruined when they both contracted the bug early on in their holiday also blamed diarrhoea in the pool as the source of the outbreak.  The man had been hoping to pop the question on holiday but was too ill to do so and the holiday was ruined as a result.

The hotel commented:

‘Unfortunately there does seem to be some kind of infection/virus.

‘We have taken extra steps in our hotel recently to ensure that our public areas are receiving extra levels of cleaning and disinfecting to stop any contamination that may occur.’

‘Please be assured that we are working to very high standards of hygiene in our hotel and we are regularly audited by external companies and our Tour Operator partners to ensure these levels are maintained. ‘

If you or a member of your family has suffered from food poisoning whilst on holiday abroad, on a cruise ship holiday, after eating at a restaurant in the UK including illness caused by E.coli, botulism, salmonella and cryptosporidium then we can have specialist solicitors who can advise you.

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