Holiday Hell as 25 children get sick on Turkish resort

Our holidays are often the highlight of our year, carefully budgeted for, planned, researched and prepared for. It is our relaxation time, our family time, our time to let loose and have fun. For a number of families visiting a 4 star hotel resort in Turkey this was not to be the case.

Six British families are taking the hotel and their tour operator to court after they all suffered a severe sickness bug which was so bad that 25 children ended up in hospital attached to IV drips. The sickness bug left the families suffering from extreme sickness and diarrhoea for the majority of their holiday and most of the families had to return home early due to their children being ill.

What should have been an enjoyable, relaxing experience turned into a nightmare which was not only traumatic for the parents, who were also poorly, but also expensive.  Medical costs spiralled to £300 each with another £80 for anti-sickness medications. The families also had to pay for taxi’s to take them to the airport which cost £70.

One worried father commented:

‘It couldn’t have been any worse really, it was horrific,’

‘We thought it was just a stomach bug like you get on holiday but it go so much worse than that.

‘We were up all night with the kids on the Thursday and in our room all day on the Friday, they just couldn’t keep anything down, but by Saturday we had to see the doctor.’

‘It was money we didn’t have, so my wife’s sister had to pay for the flights and the taxi,’

‘We’d already paid for a transfer but that didn’t cover it’.


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