How was your holiday?

For many, the holiday season is well and truly over but, for a lucky few, they are still enjoying the sunshine in far off places. As a country we are not great complainers but did you know that you may have a right to compensation if your journey was badly delayed, your standard of holiday was not what you paid for or you or your family became ill as a result of poor hotel hygiene.

If your flight was cancelled or delayed and no alternative flight was arranged or refund given then you may be entitled to compensation. If a company does not provide the service offered under the conditions of sale for the cancelled/delayed flight then they will be in breach of contract.

Package holidays – did you know you can get compensation if you weren’t given the room you booked ie standard rather than deluxe? Or you were put in a different hotel and ended up spending more money for food and facilities? – this is called ‘out-of-pocket expenses’.

Did you know that if resort/hotel facilities were closed throughout your holiday such as a spa, restaurant or pool and you were told they would be open (which caused disappointment) – this is called ‘loss of enjoyment’?

Illness or injury – If you fall ill as a result of suspected food poisoning or poor accommodation hygiene then you may have a right to compensation. Equally, if you or a loved one is injured or becomes unwell as a result of poorly maintained facilities ie cracked tiles on and around pool areas, steps or stairs without hand rails or extreme stress caused by frequent and repetitive loud noise such a nearby building site, then this could be cause for a claim for compensation.

You may be entitled to make a claim for compensation if your holiday was not what you were led to believe and you suffered financially or emotionally as a result of being there.

You won’t get compensation if:

  • Your holiday was not what you expected, ie the facilities and standard of accommodation matched what was sold to you but you just didn’t like it
  • Extreme weather conditions, out of the holiday company’s control, caused disruption to your holiday.
  • If you organised the holiday yourself, rather than use a tour operator, to arrange everything then things can get more complicated as you will have different contracts with different companies ie hotels, airlines and travel agents. Any company based abroad will be difficult to claim compensation from as you won’t be protected under UK law and your rights could be completely different.

If you have had an accident on holiday and feel it wasn’t your fault, then the good news is that you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced solicitor such as Claimant Law is at hand to help you claim back any money that you feel you may have lost as a result of an accident. For more information please read our holiday accident page.

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