Hull bus companies appeal for help with pedestrian related accidents

Bus companies in Hull have appealed for help to reduce accidents with pedestrians in the city centre.

Two accidents involving pedestrians were recorded in the space of 7 days, strengthening the need for something to be done.

Stagecoach, one of Hull’s primary bus providers is now looking at ways to work with Humberside Police and Hull city council to tackle the problem.

Managing director of the company said: “The main aim is to reduce the amount of accidents in the city and we will do everything we can do to try to make that happen.”

“We will continue to work closely with police and the council to try to reduce the risk of further collisions.”

In the latest incident, a man suffered minor injuries when he was hit by an East Yorkshire Motor Services bus on Wednesday night in Brook Street.

Just a few days before a woman was also seriously hurt when she was involved in an accident with a Stagecoach bus in Margaret Moxon Way.

Hull City Council have already installed a number of timers on this road after a young boy tragically lost his life in 2008.

The timers show pedestrians how long they have left to cross the road.

A spokesperson from the council said he believes the only way to reduce accidents is to educate the public.

“There are a high number of people willing to cross the roads on a red man,” he said.

“Road safety is about engineering, enforcement and education.”

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