Kempsey residents set to claim compensation for flood damage

Residents from Kempsey who were flooded after pumps managed by the Environmental Agency failed to protect their homes say they will now seek compensation.Around 30 houses in Kempsey, Worcestershire had to be evacuated in the early hours of the 25th November 2012 when floodwater rose to dangerously high levels. A report has now said that a waterlogged sensor in charge of £1.7million worth of flood defences was to blame for the incident.

A resident who is now seeking compensation said, “I don’t feel that residents should be at a loss financially.”

The agency found that 15 homes were flooded when two flood sensors sensors, designed to trigger crucial processes for stopping flooding, were waterlogged and gave incorrect river level readings to its pumps.

“We do tend to heavily rely on technology so we can look back on that, learn from it and look forwards,” a spokesperson from the Environmental Agency said.

Residents are now set to meet with the agency to discuss the reports and discuss compensation payouts.

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