Key accident at work statistics

Accidents at work happen more often than you might think, and often there is someone to blame. Many of our customers contact us to claim compensation for accidents that have happened at work, and we help advise them with our legal experience.

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive have revealed that in 2009/10 1.3million people who worked during the last year were suffering from a long standing illness (and new cases) that they believed was being made worse by their current or past work.


555,000 of these were brand new cases, showing that there is definitely unrest in a large selection of work environments across the country.

In total 28.5million days were lost due to illness and 5.1million days lost due to accidents at work.

It comes as no surprise that injuries at work fell into two main categories; agricultural and construction. These sectors accounted for 42 and 38 fatalities respectively.

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