Lamborghini Driver Fined £3000 for High Speed Car Accident

A Lamborghini driver from has been fined £3000 for causing an acicdent by dangerous driving. 

During the hearing the driver was also fined an additional £670 for admitting to traveling at speeds as high as 94mph in a Ferrari on the A30 just a few months later. 

Reader, from London, has also been disqualified from driving for 6 months and order to pay a total of £540 in prosecution costs and victim surcharges. 

The driver described himself to the courts as a hard-working man who loved cars and explained: “I’m not a boy racer,”

The accident was caused when Reader attempted to overtake a stationary car, not realising it had stopped because the car in front was turning right. 

Reader overtook the car and smashed straight in to the side of the Seat before driving through a hedge and turning the car on to its roof. 

“I literally saw a black blur, it was coming so quick,” the victim said.

The courts told Reader that he “should have been aware of the intention of Mr Cork to turn right … and should not have attempted this overtaking manoeuvre”

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