Leicestershire Residents Worried Traffic Lights Will Cause Road Accidents

Residents in a suburb of Leicestershire has voiced concerns over a misleading set of traffic lights that appear to give drivers the go-ahead to enter a roundabout.

The lights are in fact for a pedestrian crossing just before the busy junction, but local residents say the lights are likely to cause road traffic accidents.

The other three entrances on to the roundabout all have traffic light control, however this particular set is just for pedestrians, further adding to the confusion.

Since 2009 there have been 9 road traffic accidents at the location and locals fear more are on the horizon unless changes are made.

Local resident Mike Clarke said: “I’ve seen a few near misses on it and I’ve nearly been hit a couple of times myself where people think it’s their right of way.

“It’s a major route and when traffic is going towards the roundabout from that road, they think the green light is for them to join it.

“I don’t know why the council didn’t put traffic lights on that exit of the roundabout and make it a lot safer?

“It’s just a major accident waiting to happen.”

Changes to the roundabout were completed in 2009, however a spokesperson has said, “The uncontrolled arm of this roundabout was not signalised because to do so would have resulted in more queues and delays on the Blaby Road approach.”

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