Man assaulted on Christmas day left critically ill

A 49 year old man was assaulted by three other men aged 29, 30 and 51 who have now been arrested on assault charges.

The fight took place in a residential area when emergency services were called at approx 6.10 am. Neighbours woke on Christmas day to hear a fight taking place and rushed out to intervene and help the victim who was lying on the floor struggling for breath.

One witness said: “I didn’t know why he was out there, but I thought I would open the door and wish him Merry Christmas. When I did, I saw fighting across the street.

“Someone looked like they were booting something, and when I looked closer it was a person on the floor in some bushes.

“I saw my neighbour, who had been in the Forces, and he was stood behind his car waiting to help the man and told me to stay in the house and not to get involved.”

“He had no shirt on, and I think he was bare-footed and it was freezing. His face was awfully swollen and bloodied, and I would say he had massive facial injuries. It was very serious.

Another neighbour said: “A lot of people went out to try and help him, but he seemed to be unconscious and was struggling to breathe. I’d never seen anything like it.”

The serious assault has left the man in hospital in a critical condition but stable.

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