Man awarded High Court payout after motorbike crash

A man who was riding on his friends bike as a pillion passenger has been successful in his claim for compensation after he was injured in an accident.

The pillion rider sustained debilitating injuries, including physical difficulties and psychological trauma, as a result of the accident between his friend who owned the bike and another vehicle. The accident happened when the motorcyclist was overtaking a line of slow-moving traffic on his Kawasaki motorbike. The driver of a VW Beetle turned right from a line of traffic and as she did so, she drove into the path of the motorcycle.

Both parties blamed each other for the accident but a High Court judge has ruled that the motorcyclist was 2/3rds to blame as he believes the motorcyclist speed was a major factor in the accident and the drivers failure to see the motorbike in her rear view mirror held less liability.

The pillion rider is claiming damages worth more than £100,000 but the courts have yet to assess and decide on the final amount. His injuries include a fracture to his arm and shoulder and right arm, his left leg and foot. This has caused him to have difficulty walking and is in near constant pain.

The Judge said: “……. did indicate, she did slow down and she kept a gap between her and the car in front.

“But if she had followed the guidance in the Highway Code, she would have checked her mirror first – it seems to me that she did not do that.”

‘It seems to me that the most important reason for this accident was the speed at which the motorcycle was going.’

“This made it difficult for him to be seen by …… and it also meant his ability to manoeuvre out of a situation of danger was significantly reduced.

“It seems possible that, if he had been travelling at a lesser speed, he might have been able to move around the left-hand side of ……. car as it started its turn.”

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