Man Escapes Injury-free after Sign hits His Taxi

A taxi driver from Scotland has escaped with only minor personal injury despite a cinema sign falling on to his vehicle.

The 57-year-old was narrowly missed when strong winds detached a sign from the side of the Odeon cinema above where he was parked, sending it crashing in to his roof.
53-year-old Wife of the Driver explained in more detail: “Stephen got a hire at 6.30am. As he was leaving the town centre car park he heard an almighty thud. He said he felt instant pain in his head and thought he’d hit something. He managed to get out of the car and saw a white pillar had fallen and caved in the roof of his taxi. It was part of one of the pillars that supports the Odeon cinema sign.”

The driver was released from hospital with only minor injuries. Doctors advised him to watch out for signs of concussion.

“Being a taxi driver for more than 30 years Stephen has been out in all weather, but he has never experienced anything like this in all that time,” his wife added.