Man Given Parking Ticket While Helping Motorbike Accident Victim

A driver was handed a £110 parking ticket as he fought to save the life of a motorbike rider who had crashed nearby.

The 51-year-old rushed to the aid of the rider after he saw him lying in the middle of a junction bleeding.

As the driver gave the victim first-aid treatment traffic wardens were busy writing out a ticket for his Peugeot 806 which was parked on a pavement no more than 20ft away.

“I thought the man was going to die and my priority was to save his life. I cannot believe traffic wardens ignored what was happening in the road next to him and chose instead to book me.”

Emergency services arrived swiftly to pick up from where the driver had left off.

“As soon as it became apparent my assistance was no longer required, I left the scene and returned to my vehicle to find two traffic wardens taking photographs and issuing a parking ticket.”

Despite Police officers explaining the situation to the wardens, the ticket could not be cancelled as it had already been issued.

A spokesperson for the Council said: “It would be totally wrong if this Good Samaritan was penalised in any way for what was clearly a highly commendable act of public- spiritedness.”

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