Man Knocked Unconscious in Bank Holiday Pub Brawl

A man from the Cumbria area has been knocked unconscious following a brawl in a pub foyer.

Local police responded to the 999 call in the early hours of Sunday morning and reported that a 22-year-old man had been knocked out in the Border Reiver.

Police discovered the man in an unconscious state with bruising to the side of his face and cuts under his left eye.

He was taken to Cumberland Infirmary where he is making a full recovery.

A spokesperson for the force said, “There was a 21st birthday pub going on in one side of the pub, and general pub activity on the other side. Therefore, there were a lot of potential witnesses in the Border Reiver at the time of the assault.”

Police have asked anyone with information to come forward to help their enquiry.

Criminal injury compensation experts say that there is a chance the man could make a successful claim if their is compelling evidence.

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