Man left with brain injury after street assault

A man in his late 30s has been left for dead in a street, bloodied and beaten in the early hours of the morning. He had clearly been assaulted and appeared to have sustained a traumatic head injury and was rushed to Hospital.

He was treated at the scene by two medics from an Air Ambulance before he was taken to Hospital by paramedics.

This brutal attack, which is thought to have occurred shortly before 1am, has left the man unconscious and doctors have continued to sedate him until his brain swelling goes down. He is currently being treated in the Neurology Unit of the Hospital for a traumatic brain injury caused by a fracture to the back of his skull.

Police are hunting for two men in their 20s.

This is a horrible incident but it is unfortunately not as uncommon as you think. It can be a very traumatic time for victims and their families. Criminal assault should never be tolerated and you should be compensated for any pain or distress you or your loved one may have experienced.

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