Man receives £18,000 dental compensation for poor cosmetic dental care

A 70 year old man, who suffered years of pain from poorly fitted bridges, has been awarded compensation after it was agreed his gum disease was not correctly diagnosed and led to bone loss, unnecessary teeth extraction and intrusive dental work that has little chance of working.

When the man was in his 60’s, he visited his dentist complaining that his dentures kept falling out and was allegedly advised that he needed extensive dental work to restore his teeth which would be very expensive. He agreed to the dental work and had bridges fitted but he then started to suffer pain in his mouth and went back to have the bridges re fitted.

The dental procedures were expensive and intrusive and involved him losing more teeth. He spent the next 10 years putting up with the pain and discomfort of poorly fitting bridges until finally seeing another dentist who advised him that, due to his extensive gum disease and resulting bone loss, he should never have had the bridges fitted in the first place.

According to the patient, the X-rays showed that the man’s dental implants were set too close together but the dentist still claims there was no dental negligence.

He said: ‘The last decade of my life has been one of dental pain.

‘All I wanted when I retired was a peaceful life and a chance to spend time with my family.

‘I haven’t been able to enjoy some very special occasions – I wasn’t able to go to my grandson’s christening because I was in so much pain.’

Although his dentist did not admit liability, the case was settled out of court and the man received £18,000 towards future restorative work and to compensate him for pain and distress.

The man has been told that, as a result of extensive gum disease, he has suffered bone loss and will need to have implants extracted and re-implanted and bone grafting.

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