Man sacked after endangering colleagues life at work

A man has been sacked after he endangered his colleagues life by making him climb onto a forklift truck to retrieve a pallet, a tribunal has heard.

The 64-year-old was sacked from Countrywide Farmers Plc after he was accused of breaching strict health and safety guidelines.

The pallet was stuck at the top of a tall fork lift truck which he had been driving and the worker was told in the tribunal that he should have cordoned off the area and called for help.

The tribunal heard how the 64-year-old had been employed by the company for 16 years with a good track record as a warehouse operative, however the firm said he had “taken matters into his own hands” when the pallet problem arose.

The worker was under an obligation to look after his fellow workers and someone could have been seriously injured, the judge said.

“[name] had also admitted he had done something wrong and the respondents decision to dismiss him was within the range of reasonable responses,” he added.

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