Man Saved From Car Crash Before Car Falls 20ft

A driver’s life was saved when passers-by clung on to his car that was teetering over a 20ft high wall giving him just enough time to escape before the car fell.

A car accident moments before left the mans Vauxhall Corsa in an unsafe position, balancing up-side-down above a canal some 20ft in the air.

Pedestrians rushed to the aid of the man and held the car in place while he made his escape.

Mr Collins, who was traveling to work at the time said: “People were holding the back end of the car down so I could get into the back and out of the passenger door.

“Seconds later it fell over the wall, at least a 15ft drop on the other side.”

The driver, who suffered only minor injuries said: “I want to say thank you to the people who helped me, for keeping me calm and for getting me out. It’s lucky I managed to escape or I wouldn’t be here.”

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