Man wins compensation after being wrongly attacked by police dog

A man who was wrongly attacked by a police dog has been awarded compensation after a pub landlord helped clear his name.

The accident victim required a total of 20 stitches in his arm and back when the dog leaped at him while he stood outside the Bird Inn pub in Washington innocently watching a fight roll on to the street. 

At the time of the incident the innocent man was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, although he was later cleared during a trial when it emerged he was just a bystander. 

 A police officer originally claimed that the 59-year-old had “gone at hime”, which led to the dog bite that took the victim to the ground. 

But thanks to CCTV footage from the pub, which the police lost, the real facts were shown.

The attack victim said he cannot thank the landlord enough for coming forward with the evidence which cleared his name. 

“After I was arrested and the case had gone to the first appearance at court, it was originally said that there was no CCTV in the area at the time.”

“I was just thinking, it’s going to be a case of my word against the police. I really wasn’t hopeful anyone would believe me.

“Then the landlord of the pub got in touch with me and said he thought I needed to see the CCTV he had.

“He saw on the CCTV that I had done nothing wrong.”

A spokesperson from the force said, “A number of his concerns were found to be unsubstantiated.

“However, we accept CCTV footage was misplaced and appropriate action was taken at the time.”

The victim has reportedly received a five figure compensation payout and a written apology since his name was cleared.

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