Man with HAVS Injury wins £30,000 compensation payout

HAVS stands for Hand Arms Vibration Syndrome and is a well known injury which mainly affects people who use vibrating equipment such as hand tools regularly for their job. A man has just received a £30,000 settlement claim from his company who initially refused to accept any responsibility for his disabling hand injury.

The 49 year old was working as a metal polisher for an engineering company and had been there for three years. After visiting his doctor with pains in his hands, he was diagnosed with HAVS and concluded that his injury must have come from the vibrating power tools he uses at work.

Symptoms of HAVS include a tingling or cold sensation in the fingers, a feeling of numbness in the fingertips and a whitening of the skin on the fingers. It is caused by damage to blood vessels, nerves, joints and muscles in the arms, hands and wrists due to excessive vibration.

The man made his employers aware of his diagnosis but company refused to accept responsibility for his injuries and so he instructed a solicitor.

The case went to trial and was due to be a four-day trial at County Court. On day three the company decided to settle the claim and made an offer of £30,000 which was accepted.

Jane White, of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, told the Post: “Hand-held, portable equipment can often be a cause of serious injury and ill health in the workplace, especially when frequently used.

“Employees also can safeguard themselves by looking out for symptoms and reporting to their supervisors if they have any concerns.

“The best way to guard against it is to eliminate or reduce exposure to vibration in the first place.”

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