Motorbike accident saved a young man’s life!

The patient was only 18 years old when he was involved in a motorbike accident. He had pestered his parents since he was 16 for a motorbike and when he turned 18 they reluctantly bought him a Hartford 125cc. He had only been riding his bike for a month when his parents received the call that he had been in an accident.
His mum said: “My heart plummeted. I thought: ‘Here it is, this is the phone call’.

“I’d been dreading this phone call every second since he had got that bike.”

She was told he a car had pulled out in front of him and knocked him off his bike and when he arrived at the hospital covered in blood she feared the worst. Luckily he received only minor cuts and bruises but a routine MRI scan on his head revealed a more sinister problem.

The doctors discovered a brain tumour the size of an orange which, if left undiscovered, could have killed him.
The man had made over 10 visits to the doctors over the previously 3 years after feeling sick and vomiting violently for no reason. The doctors had misdiagnosed him and blamed a poor diet and food poisoning so the bike accident actually prompted the correct diagnosis, which saved his life.

His mother said: “He… was never poorly but from being 15 he would have two or three days of sickness a week, where he would just get up and be violently sick.

“He was not ill and would function as normal but we knew it wasn’t right.

“We had been going to the doctors over all this time but each time we were told it was probably his bad diet.

“But I’m not a doctor and as he was not ill, so I took their word for it.”

Doctors were able to operate quickly and remove the tumour safely and luckily it was also benign so he has every chance of a full recovery.

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