Motorbike Accident Victim Blasts Councils Over Road Safety

A man from Rutland who was left seriously injured after a motorbike accident has blasted his local council’s decision not to improve safety measures at the junction the accident happened. 

The 73-year-old is currently supporting the campaign to install a stop sign at the junction and have a 40mph speed limit imposed, but Peterborough council has refused to act on the warnings. 

“I can’t understand why there should be any objection to a ‘Stop’ sign. A lot of people think one is necessary and I really can’t see why the council wouldn’t agree,” said the accident victim.

“It can only be a benefit and cannot cause any problems at all.

“I was lucky to survive when a large lorry coming off the A1 pulled out and knocked me off my bike.”

The council say they have inspected the junction but feel that no changes are necessary. 

A spokesperson said the junction does not warrant a stop sign because the visibility is good. 

However local residents are backing the senior rider and one said: “I would support any changes that increase road safety and the council should adhere to the calls.”

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