Motorbike accident warning for dark Winter months

Winter is fast approaching, and the accident specialists here at Claimant Law would like to stress the dangers that lie ahead for motorbike riders in the coming months.
Remember that as the dark nights draw in early and therefore your visibility will be limited.

Other road users will also need more awareness of your presence, as their visibility will be limited by the darkness too. Wearing high-visibility clothing is always recommended. You may also wish to check that all the lights on your motorbike are functioning properly.

Increasing Media Coverage

This week, we’ve noticed a steady increase in the media attention surrounding motorbike accidents. Several reports from across the country have been seen by our staff over the last few days, outlining both major and minor accidents that have involved motorcyclists.

We wish all motorbike riders a safe winter and hope that conditions favor those on two wheels.

Have you had a motorbike accident?

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