Motorbike Rider in Hospital After Accident with Police Car

Police in Gloucestershire are currently investigating an accident in which a car from the force hit a motorbike. 

The accident happend outside their constabulary and left the 53-year-old rider hospitalised with serious injuries to the leg.

Police say that their driver was on the way to a seperate incident when the accident happened.

The road was closed for almost 4hrs after the accident while police cleared the debris and looked into its cause.

A driver who passed the scene minutes after it happened said: “The man was obviously in a bad way.

“He was lying motionless in the road with several officers leaning over him.

“You try not to look as you drive by, but from the number of police involved it looked very serious.”

Gloucestershire Police have asked anyone with information to come forward to assist them with their investigation.

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