Motorbike Rider Injured After Fireball Accident

A motorbike rider from Kent has been left injured when his bike burst in to flames after hitting a car.

The rider was thrown almost 20mts after he collided with a dark Ford Mondeo in Kent.

Emergency services were able to quickly distinguish the flames when the arrived at the scene and the driver of the car managed to escape with only minor injuries.

The motorbike and most of the car were destroyed by the flames and firefighters reported that soldiers from a barracks close by were on hand to offer first aid to the two involved in the smash.

A spokesperson for the Fire Department said: “We arrived at the same time as the ambulance and as they attended to the rider we put out the fire.

“The Army guys had managed to drag the motorbike away from the car and had stopped the traffic, they did really well, it was good of them to help out.

“The fire was out very quickly and we made sure the scene was safe and the flames didn’t re-ignite, as there was petrol on the road.”

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