Motorcyclist urges riders to attend road safety awareness course after witnessing a crash

A keen motorcyclist who attended a motorcycle safety course has appealed to other bikers to take extra care and consider attending a road safety course after witnessing a road traffic accident on his way home.

The rider was on his way back from a Police led training course ‘BikeSafe’ when he witnessed a driver lose control of their car and smash into some railings. The motorcyclist wants to urge other riders to attend these road safety courses as he felt that, if he hadn’t had the new ‘BikeSafe’ information fresh in his mind, he may have been involved in the crash.

He said: “Had I been more hasty with my own riding, and without BikeSafe fresh in my mind I may well have been caught up in the accident myself.”

“I’ve only been riding five months and I found it really helpful. All of the instructors were really friendly and helpful. It is a great course and I would recommend it to anyone.”

The ‘BikeSafe’ course aims to teach riders the skills, knowledge and hazard awareness in order to reduce the number of motorcyclist’s being hurt on the roads.

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