MP demands tougher regulations on cosmetic surgery industry

A Durham MP has been making noises in parliament after one of his constituents suffered a botched procedure leaving her unable to close her eyes. Mr Jones has been demanding increased protection for cosmetic surgery patients who are unfortunate enough to experience ‘botched’ operations.

Kevan Jones, MP for North Durham, called for tougher regulations in a House of Commons debate to allow patients to properly assess the qualifications and skills of their chosen cosmetic surgeons. At present a surgeon can conduct a surgery without it being his or her speciality. There is currently no register to declare a surgeons specialist area to show potential patients that surgeons are properly qualified to perform the operation.

Mr Jones cited the case of his constituent, Mrs Knight, who is suffering from health problems after a simple eye lift left her with potentially life changing injuries -an operation performed by surgeon Arnaldo Paganelli.

The MP told the House of Commons: “During the course of the surgery he removed too much skin from her inner eye lids… following this botched surgery Mrs Knight must now apply artificial tear drops in to her eyes every two hours to minimise the pain.

“On the advice of specialists… she must tape her left eye closed every night to avoid further damage.”

“Doctors have warned her that this serious condition may result in loss of sight altogether.”

Mr Jones told how the patient received no compensation or redress from the hospital and the surgeon is still allowed to continue to practice whilst holding no insurance.

“The Hospital Group’s response is that it’s nothing to do with them.”

He said: “There needs to be more robust regulation around these private companies who stand to make a fortune out of the misery of people like my constituent Mrs Knight.”

A spokesperson for the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) said: “We want the Government to give the General Medical Council this new power to make it easier for prospective patients and employers to tell a proficient surgeon from an individual who has limited, or no recognised experience, in a procedure.

“It is shocking that, at present, a non-surgeon could perform cosmetic surgery and that the public have no way of knowing who is appropriately qualified.”
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