Mum Furious After Son is Left at Notorious Accident Spot

A mother of a young boy has hit out at a local bus company after her son was allowed to get of the bus at a notorious accident blackspot.

The 4-year-old was let of at the wrong stop right next to a road notorious for its accidents over the last few years.

Other mothers have also come forward and expressed their concerns after similar stories with their children.

The mother said: “He was crying and they still shut the doors and left him. It’s not the first time this has happened – it has happened to other children as well. It could happen again and next time it could be the death of a child.”

“It’s very worrying. It’s such a busy road. At a corner from the link road, cars are coming in fast,” she added.

A spokesperson for the bus company said, “Officers from the council have spoken to both the parent and the operator and have monitored this service both AM and PM following the complaint to try and resolve the safety issue raised.”