New Safety Measures Help Reduce Road Accidents

New safety measures introduced on to a road in Gwendraeth have cut road accident statistics it has been claimed. 

Local councillor Jim Jones has praised the introduction of speed signs on Myrtle Hill but added that more people need to be aware of the way in which they drive. 

The stretch of road has been an accident blackspot in recent years with many cars losing control on a sharp bend with one accident resulting in a car landing on a bungalow lawn. 

However the council said that the reduction in speed limit from 40mph to 30mph has helped to reduce car accident figures over the last few months. 

“There have been accidents going on there for years,” he said.

“But now we’ve had signs put up on Myrtle Hill, the ones that tell you what speed you’re doing.”

“At the moment, they do seem to be working – I think the last accident was a few months back. They do see the speed that they are doing and slow.”

Many have blamed the road surface for the spate of accidents but Mr Jones said it wasn’t the issue. 

“People need to understand that they need to do the speed limit,” he said.

“I am asking the police to back it up all the time with speed checks too.”