NHS A&E’s reveal bizarre accident figures

Here is in an interesting insight into what our A&E departments have to deal with on an annual basis, provided by Englands NHS Trusts:

  • 13,000 people needed hospital treatment after falling off their chair.
  • 7,000 after falling off ladders
  • 5,000 hurting themselves skiing, skating or skateboarding.
  • 4,000 injured using sports equipment
  • 2,300 were burnt from hot tea/coffee or cooking oil
  • 1,145 fell out of trees
  •  711 ill through excessive work schedule
  • 537 suffered electric shocks
  • 500 people injured themselves using their lawnmower
  • 476 children needed medical intervention after behaviour or their teacher or class mates
  • 379 cyclists injured by colliding with another cyclist
  • 100’s injuries caused by animals with 54 bitten by snakes
  • 97 ill after clashing with bosses
  • 65 hurt in parachute accidents
  • 40 chewed by rats
  • 40 bitten/stung by sea creature such as a jellyfish
  • 24 hang-glider crashes
  • 23 students ill after failing exams
  • 23 hit by lightening
  • 22 injured boarding and exiting planes
  • 19 bitten by a venomous spider
  • 17 people nearly suffocated in bed
  • 13 injured from avalanches, landslides or earthquakes
  • 4 bitten by an alligator or crocodile

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