Nine women seek cosmetic surgery compensation following botched breast reconstructive surgery

Nine women are claiming that a female plastic surgeon botched their breast reconstructive surgeries and then falsified medical records to cover up her alleged mistakes. Some of the victims are still suffering after effects from the surgery and others have been left permanently disfigured.

The nine women are all taking legal action against the surgeon. Details about the cases reveal that one woman claims to have developed an infection after an implant sizer that had already been used on another patient was given to her.

Implant sizers are only supposed to be used once and are used to stretch the skin before implants are inserted.

Another victim’s surgical wound became painful before bursting, exposing the silicone implant. She had to be hospitalized, and given intravenous antibiotics

A surgeon later removed her right breast implant to combat the infection, according to the complaint.

Cheryl Schapker of Evansville claimed that her implant popped out of her breast when her surgical wound split open.

Another woman who underwent a double mastectomy in 2008 after being diagnosed with breast cancer was left with a wound that never healed, causing significant scarring.

The doctor concerned was sacked in 2009 before the legal action was brought.

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