Numbers of suspended plastic surgeons are growing

After 60 complaints about his work, a foreign plastic surgeon has been suspended; however this is not the first case of this occurring. Many foreign plastic surgeons are flying to the UK to work in private hospitals and then leave as soon as the job is done. The surgeon concerned in this case is an Italian doctor and he has now been suspended from working in the UK for 12 months as a result of failing to compensate a patient for a bungled face lift. A 67 year old patient has been left with multiple scars after suffering from necrosis, which is the death of cells in the skin tissue.

This patient was left with open flesh wounds which became infected causing permanent scarring and she was awarded £43,000 in compensation by a local court but has not yet received the funds and it seems unlikely she ever will. The Italian surgeon’s insurance company say he did not report the incident to them.

It occurred to the general medical council that if there have already been 60 previous complaints about the same doctor then there may be others. As a result of the suspension, he has been stopped from working as a doctor for 12 months and his rights to treat patients within the Hospital group (who he worked for) have been withdrawn, while it is decided if he will face a disciplinary hearing.

The woman affected in this particular case is asking governments to regulate this issue of foreign surgeons so it doesn’t happen to others. She told the Sunday People that ‘it is extremely difficult to sue the surgeon if they are based abroad and usually have to ask the surgeon before the procedure to be insured as they cannot sue the clinic if anything goes wrong. Therefore patients have to turn to the NHS to put things right when it wasn’t their fault initially; this also means money having to come out of the already decreasing NHS budget’.

The surgeon at fault refused to comment on the allegations against him when contacted at his Naples home.

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