One tonne cutting tool traps worker but wins him £70,000.

A 52-year-old engineer was trapped under a one tonne cutting tool after it fell on him. As a result of the accident he now suffers a compression deformity of the spine and is no longer able to work. The man was later made redundant by the same engineering firm for this reason.

The company admitted liability after he sued them for £500,000 compensation however; the lesser amount of £70,000 was awarded to the engineer for his pain and suffering. He will be awarded further compensation for loss of earnings and pension however this figure has not yet been calculated or awarded.

A Court was told that the one tonne cutting tool fell onto the worker from a height of about four metres where he was trapped between a girder support and the ground for about 5 minutes before he managed to struggle his way out from under it.

He was taken to Hospital for X-rays to see what damaged had been done and initially the X-rays showed no signs of fractures and so he was discharged thinking only soft tissue damage had been done and he could go back to work. After going back to work, the engineer suffered very much with pain as a result of this incident and so decided he was no longer able to work.

Following this he had a further MRI scan which finally gave him the correct diagnosis of his injury which was that he had a compression deformity of the spine which would require a major operation to reconstruct and correct it.

Due to the results of the MRI scan, the worker was made redundant in 2010 but requested major compensation from his employers.

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